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19 June 2010 - Filed under Driver Finder Pro + News

DriverFinder Hello Everyone,

I’m an IT technician and skilled in fixing computer issues such as registry errors, driver errors or speed problems. In my daily life, I have collected a lot of PC tools to solve those issues and also like to share them with you. Today I will demonstrate how to update or fix PC drivers with Driver Finder Pro automatically and easily.

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Problems We Encounter

When a good man encounters some bad computer drivers, it’s a horrible thing, which consumes your expensive time, changes your high aura and makes you mood down to fix them manually. Especially when reinstalling a new Windows system, some driver issues always emerges and you even don’t know which driver isn’t installed or updated. Luckily, most driver tools supply free driver scanner give you a chance to know which one need to fixed.

How to Update Drivers Automatically?

However, even you can identify which driver is bad in your computer system, it’s also a horrible thing to find the specific driver online, CD media or any else. In order to get the ball roll, I purchased Driver Finder Pro ,which gives me a lot of relief on solving the whole thing of driver issues including scanning ,fixing and updating. Continue to read and I will give you full review of Driver Finder Pro.

Introduction of Driver Finder Pro

Driver Finder Pro is my secret weapon to make my computer driver job easy, I won’t tell this secret to the average because this product is better than Driver Robot which achieves more fame. This products have helped me update the video driver, audio driver, webcam driver, and anything driver else conveniently and fast. Why Driver Finder Pro is so magic and easy? Continue to read and I will show you the features of this product.

Features of Driver Finder Pro

Sophisticated Scanning Algorism

With the sophisticated scanning algorism of Driver Finder Pro, this product make the scanning process fast and fully. Driver Finder Pro travels every node of your hardware to find the exact one which is old.

Ease of Use

We are believing the part of solution, not the problems, so ,in a nutshell, ease is the our priority. Judging this,  this product is designed easily to use initially. Unlike other “sophisticated” one in the same category, with this product ,only 3 steps to finish the whole job.

Huge Driver Database

It’s said that this product supports more than 100,000 unique hardware devices, and I believe it because of my successful experience with it.

High Driver Download Speed & Software Update Speed

Server side of Driver Finder Pro is of high bandwidth, so you can enjoy high driver download speed and high software update speed.

Awesome Price and More Discount

Now, the amazing thing is that 3 PC Licenses of Driver Finder Pro is only $29.95 . Adding $9.95 can extend 1 year license to 3 year license for the 3 PC licenses. And remember if you do not satisfy this product, you should not hesitate to issue the refund of it. They supply 60-day money back guarantee.

Compatible with Windows 7

You know, although it’s long since the the release of Windows 7, lots of programs isn’t support well with Windows 7. Luckily Driver Finder Pro works well under Windows 7 system. Below you will find the screenshots of Driver Finder Pro in Win 7.

Backup & Restore

The two features are exclusive which means you can’t find the two features in other tools, at least not so good as Driver Finder Pro. With the two features, your computer is more safe, because you can backup your old drivers and restore them if you like. Everything is at your control.

Safe to Use

NO adware, spyware, or malware were found in this product according to my tests in my time. You can use it safely, and like the vendor said , “we respect your privacy.” your privacy is totally safe too.


Find More Features Here which I don’t want duplicate.

How it works?

First off, within 1 minutes, Driver Finder Pro scans your computer and find the outdated drivers, including audio driver, video driver, webcam driver, monitor driver, mother broad driver, CD-Rom driver and etc. Then, you choose which drivers to update, and I suggest you check all the options because the newer the better. At last, simply click download drivers to finish the whole thing.  It’s  so simple that you don’t need a instruction or computer technician.

Direct Download Link

Here is the Direct Download link to download Driver Finder Pro safely and quickly.

Screen Shots of Driver Finder Pro

#1 Overview Interface


#2 Drivers Status Interface


#3 Backup Drivers Interface




What the vendor said?


“This is a one-time purchase. You will never be automatically re-billed. Personal data shared during your purchase is guaranteed safe and secure.”

Customer & Tech Support:

“We value your options. Contact us for technical support  or view our extensive Knowledgebase. All issues will be promptly replied to within 24 hours.”

Refund Policy:

“We offer an unconditional 60-day,full money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, contact us and we will refund your purchase.”


Since this product is so highly recommended by most of my friends and this product is on sell now. It’s highly recommended to download it now and don’t miss the chance to try Driver Finder Pro. That’s my full review of Driver Finder Pro, if you have any question, simply leave a comment below and I will give you a response soon.



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What’s the main Driver Tools in the Internet market

22 June 2010 - Filed under Driver Finder Pro

Driver Finder Pro (5/5)
Driver Robot (4/5)
Diver Cure (2.5/5)
Driver Checker (3/5)
Driver Dective (2.5/5)
Driver Geninue Porfessional (3/5)
DriverAgent (3.5/5)

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Is Driver Finder Safe?

23 June 2010 - Filed under Driver Finder Pro

When it comes to the safety issue, Driver Finder Pro can’t escape from it. Besides the safe threats such as malware, adware spyware or Trojan horse virus, the safety of  current drivers themselves is our concerns.

How does Driver Finder Pro guarantee the safe?

#1 Backup

Before driver updates with Driver Finder Pro,  it’s better to backup you old drivers with this tool. How to do that ? All you need to do is to click the “backup” button to get your current device drivers updated. The exclusive feature is that you can choose device drivers individually


#2 Restore Point

You can choose to create your restore point with your windows system or to create it with this product like the screenshot below. Where to put your restore location is at your control totally



The Backup and Restore Point make your computer and your data safe enough. So I highly recommended you Click the button below to Download Driver Finder Pro now.


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